Natural Quantum Wellness services include a wellness consult, pH balancing, iridology, reflexology services and a wellness pro FDA-cleared medical device when needed to reduce pain and inflammation. Also includes a custom flower essence blend for emotional upliftment.

Some of our other modalities offered are reflexology for deep relaxation and healing benefits of body, mind and soul and the wellness pro is added with hertz radio sound frequencies and microcurrent frequencies when there is pain and inflammation associated.

We also offer the infrared sauna to rid body of heavy metals, a foot re-energizer for neuropathy, plantar fasciitis and edema and a crystal bed with lightwaves to promote deep relaxation, balancing energy chakras and reducing pain and inflammation in all body systems.

We have added a new body scan to give more detailed information on meridians, emotions and health patterns. We need to be aware of what can be improved through these integrated wellness services offered, which will suggest herbs and homeopathics that aid in overall healing. Holistic therapies will also be proposed.

As part of our growing set of services available, Natural Quantum Wellness provides the Brain Tap, which activates your brain's peak potential. This therapeutic method will allow you to relax, reboot and strengthen any busy brain so it can access and tap into its own full potential power.